Bompas & Parr

Jose Cuervo Meta-Distillery

Conceptualising the metaverse's first distillery experience, designed for Jose Cuervo tequila.
Jose Cuervo Meta-Distillery

Letting imaginations run wild in the metaverse

London, 2022: Bompas & Parr were part of a collaborative team of digital designers, architects and brand experts who brought Decentraland’s first distillery experience to life for Jose Cuervo.

Leading the experience and conceptual design for the project, Bompas & Parr developed an interactive, abstracted version of the brand's La Rojeña distillery in Mexico. In Decentraland, almost anything is possible, enabling the team to play with the laws of physics in order to create the experience.

Working with brand agency Mekanism, which defined the brand strategy of ‘There Are No Strangers’, the challenge was to generate an experience in the metaverse that enabled collective moments, whilst showcasing Jose Cuervo’s delicious spirits.

For the experience, we challenged Denizens (the name for your virtual Decentraland persona) to make their way up to La Familia bar, and on their way, undertake different tequila-based tasks. Each sought to educate on the process of making Jose Cuervo – from a game of volleyball with piñas in a pool, to collecting droplets of golden tequila in a barrel-constructed maze, and heading through a beautiful crystal filter, the experience culminated with a treasure hunt to find the ingredients needed to make a margarita – all before sliding down a giant agave leaf to exit.