Bompas & Parr

Fluid Landscapes Report

Exploring behaviour change and creative concepts in a global pandemic.
Fluid Landscapes Report

Harnessing the creative possibilities of changing behaviours

London, 2020: Bompas & Parr presents a thought-provoking report that analyses behavioural change in humans, and how this might affect future interactions between people, objects and events. Written during a time of significant change, Fluid Landscapes offers an optimistic view on the future, as we shift perspectives from the freely flowing behaviours of a world without coronavirus, to a world restricted by stringent hygienic measures.

Launched one week into the UK government's ‘Stay At Home’ campaign, Fluid Landscapes encourages you to take a fresh perspective on the impact of Coronavirus, otherwise known as COVID-19. The report takes a look at how changing behaviours will shape creative ideas in both a ‘Mid-Coronavirus world’ and ‘Post-Coronavirus world’.

The report explores behavioural shifts that have resulted in optimism for a Golden Era of Creativity. The studio predicts that whilst we travel through the pandemic, a ‘new normal’ will be realised, with anxiety and stress being reduced through ASMR Healing, and Sanitiser Sommeliers being newly identified as much needed experts in the world.

As the nation is told to stay inside, home hacking ideas are tested: with the likes of The RHS Chelsea Flower Show being cancelled, can Bompas & Parr inspire participants to create their own flower show at home? As restaurants and bars shut their doors, the studio uncovers isolated eating concepts, from mind-bending flavours to dine-in decadence – all proof that a pandemic does not mean the world must grind to a halt.

As the pandemic eases across the world, Bompas & Parr considers the ensuing behavioural impact that might result, from underground subcultures of dirt enthusiasts emerging, to new sensory taboos. The studio anticipates that some people may need to be rehabilitated with touch, following weeks or months of anti-touch rules. A Haptics Museum, full of sensory stimulus, will guide the human race back to feeling at ease with tactile impetus.

The report also explores the ideas of ‘Refreshed Indulgence’, with the belief that people will crave the chaotic charm of messy eating and play.

‘Continued Hygiene’ is examined, as a ‘Microscopic Menagerie’ discusses the advantages of good germs, and Bompas & Parr look to develop their next hireable items – a collection of sanitising party pieces such as the Tornado of Sterility. As the world begins to head outside again, the studio imagines street parties, and a memorial monument being erected in Wuhan as a reflective piece of the previous months.

Download your copy of Fluid Landscapes here.

Photography by Garage, Addie Chin, Nathan Pask, Nathan Ceddia, Kitty Wheeler Shaw and Bompas & Parr.