Bompas & Parr

Gingerbread Castle Howard

The confectioner's art elevated to architectural perfection.
Gingerbread Castle Howard

The perfect blend of architecture and confectionary

York, 2016:  Bompas & Parr’s dual loves of architecture and confectionary collided with a spectacular commission to make a scale model of Castle Howard, a stately home in Yorkshire.

Designed as an unusual take on a Christmas fantasy, the house was made entirely of gingerbread. Measuring a stately 4m x 3m, the model included the famous house, complete with iconic dome, as well as many of the signature architectural features found in its 10,000 acre grounds, including its parterre garden, the Temple of the Four Winds, Mausoleum and 7th Earl’s monument.

The model took two weeks to bake, using gingerbread and icing, before being transported from London to Yorkshire to be assembled on site, lit from within for extra winter warmth, and given a seasonal dusting of icing sugar. Bompas & Parr were also able to combine its original love – jelly – with the creation, having been given special permission to 3D scan Castle Howard’s antique jelly moulds for the studio’s own use.