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Imminent Future Of Food 2020

The studio's annual future-focused food and drink report – often provocative, always inspiring.
Imminent Future Of Food 2020

Channeling the culinary zeitgeist

London, 2020: We welcome you to the new year with the third instalment of our annual Imminent Future Of Food report. As with previous years, we venture into undiscovered territory, drawing back the curtain on your food and drink futures.

This approach reflects a wider strategy that drives Bompas & Parr’s projects, one that attracts commercial partners, government agencies and artistic collaborators as it leverages the studio’s capacity to develop nascent ideas before they have reached critical mass. Our work regularly brings us into contact with scientists, biologists, technologists, artists and other disciplines who work at the cutting edge.

The report makes predictions for how our drinking and dining culture will adapt as it responds to changing global culinary influences, technological changes, scientific advancements and wider cultural movements.

This year’s topics include:

– What happens when AI and the human race merge to intercept flavour transmitters
– Unpacking the dining process for true transparency
– Diving into the benefits of the gut for one another
– Storytelling through extreme tablescaping
– The possibilities of mind-bending foods for dreams
– New diets possibilities with the help of united devices

Jump into the unknown by downloading the report here.