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Imminent Future of Food 2021

The studio's annual future-focused food and drink report – often provocative, always inspiring.
Imminent Future of Food 2021

Channeling the culinary zeitgeist

London, 2021: Six radical predictions on what and how we will be consuming food and drink in 2021.

Bompas & Parr has published its fourth annual report into the future of food. The Imminent Future of Food 2021 report constitutes its forward-looking predictions into eating and drinking. This year's topics including Sheep Spas and Nihilist Baking, thoughts on the structural forms of food, tetrachromacy and bio-hacking.

Download the report to discover the six predictions, including:

-  The effects of entropy and greebling in the structure of food
-  Creating visual spectacles on the dessert plate
-  The dawn of sheep spas
-  Hacking the brain and digestive system
-  A celebration of unexpected baking
-  French cuisine and its impact on dining culture

The report aims to uncover the smallest of seeds being sewn that will impact change over the coming months and years. Following a year of social upheaval brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, innovation and creative flex will become paramount across all industries.

Download the report here.

Download the report in Chinese here - with thanks to +86 Design.