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Imminent Future of Food 2023

The studio's annual future-focused food and drink report – often provocative, always inspiring.
Imminent Future of Food 2023

Channeling the culinary zeitgeist

London, 2023: The Imminent Future of Food 2023 report summarised the studio's latest thinking and creative approach, examining what we will be eating and drinking in the near future.

In this annual report, we build predictions on emerging social, creative and culinary trends, with a trademark irreverence and sense of humour, while examining the latest scientific discoveries, design innovations and technology advancements – along with mass paranoias and conspiracy theories. Its findings are often provocative, and always inspiring.

This report was focused on six key food and drink-focused predictions:

Gastro Survivalist Chic – Exploring the hardcore spirit of survivalism in the context of foods crafted in compromised conditions.

Hyperspatial Wonder – Indulging in the love of physical and resilient culinary spaces, in a year when being somewhere never felt so good.

Responsive AI Dinners – As artificial intelligence rapidly advances, we examine 'mixed reality' food – food that is able to nourish and stimulate your taste buds, while adapting and changing instantaneously to the moment in which it is being consumed.

Euphoric Foods – In 2023, food experiences will be fully euphoric – full of dopamine hits, chances to let of steam and moments of collective joy that don’t involve huge expenditure.

Dining As Your Dog – Enter the mind of man's best friend and explore food through their eyes and stomach.

Post-Vegan Adventures – looking beyond the endless cycles of ethical trends, and embracing genuinely climate-friendly eating habits.


Why go beyond trend reports?

Let’s be real - most industry trend reports are as plentiful as they are indistinguishable. Who, we wonder, needs to be told once again that ‘sustainability is key’? Instead, our report is cut directly from the heart of what we do at Bompas & Parr everyday – the studio is a living breathing, factory of innovation.

Download the full report here.