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Imminent Future of Food & Drink 2024

The studio's annual future-focused food and drink report – often provocative, always inspiring.
Imminent Future of Food & Drink 2024

Channeling the culinary zeitgeist

London, 2024: Bompas & Parr has published its seventh annual report into the future of food. The Imminent Future of Food & Drink 2024 report summarises the studio’s latest thinking and creative approach, examining what we will be eating and drinking in the near future.

We’ve built a new set of audacious predictions, out of microscopic social, creative and culinary flutterings and with the special addition of drinks in this year’s report.

This report was focused on six key food and drink-focused predictions:

Synthetic Enchantment – Exploring new food rituals and ways people can feel connected to production methods.

Not Quite Out Of This World – High altitudes will become the preferred option vs outer space, with diners enjoying meals 500-2500 ft above ground.

Way Beyond Authenticity – In 2024, fakery is new authentic.

Restaurants Are Rubbish – Consumer pressure will rise for restaurants to form new and unusual collaborations to stay exciting and social.

Water Archaeology – Water will be treasured as vast reserves of ancient water become discovered.

Hyperbolic Drinks – People will be looking for drink experiences that take full advantage of our deeply human powers to touch, smell, taste, see and hear.

Why go beyond trend reports?

Most industry trend reports are as plentiful as they are indistinguishable. Who, we wonder, needs to be told once again that ‘millennials want experiences over things’? While some reports are genuinely fantastic, of course, most simply rearrange things you can find elsewhere on the internet.

Instead - our Future of Food & Drink is cut directly from the heart of what we do at the Bompas & Parr studio everyday. A living, breathing factory of innovation.

Download the full report here.