Bompas & Parr

Incense Road

An immersive dining experience in AlUla, Saudi Arabia – home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hegra.
Incense Road

Evoking the stories of the past

Saudi Arabia, 2022: An unforgettable dining experience at Nakhil Brzan Farm: Bompas & Parr collaborated with multimedia storytelling company Avocado Toast to bring to life a cutting-edge 360 immersive digital dining room.

The installation drew on the expert knowledge of curators and historical researchers to evoke the stories of the famed Incense Road – at its height some 2,000 ago.

Over six curated courses, inspiring stories of traders and historic icons from the Incense Road were presented through immersive audio-visual projections, paired with exquisite food, drink and an evolving incense scent-scape.