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Museum of Shakespeare

COMING SOON: This new, permanent visitor experience in London will transport guests back to the 16th Century to follow in the footsteps of the world's most famous playwright through a series of immersive and interactive experiences.
Museum of Shakespeare

A dramatic new visitor experience for London

COMING SOON to London, 2025: London's Curtain Playhouse was a cultural and social centre for the city during the life of Shakespeare. In 2025 it will be triumphantly reborn as the capital's newest and most dramatic cultural attraction: the Museum of Shakespeare.

This new immersive, interactive – and permanent – visitor experience promises to transport guests back to the 16th Century to follow in the footsteps of the world's most famous playwright.

Located three metres underground, guests will travel back to the year 1598 for a fantastical retelling of a day in the life of William Shakespeare himself.

Presented through dynamic experiences and innovative theatrical technology, visitors to the Museum of Shakespeare will soak up the sights, smells and sounds of the era and meet some of the people that inspired his plays – as well as have the chance to take centre-stage and demonstrate their own flair for performance and creative storytelling.

The Museum of Shakespeare is being conceptualised and developed by Bompas & Parr in collaboration with Cain International, Museum of London Archaeology and Historic England, and will open in Shoreditch in 2025.

As one of only two scheduled ancient monuments in Hackney, visitors will see the archaeological remains of The Curtain Playhouse itself – revealed to the public for the first time – with a chance to walk on the stage where Shakespeare himself presented plays such as Romeo & Juliet and Henry V.

The latest multi-sensory technology combines with the culture of Elizabethan London in a unique, memorable and fun experience.

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