Bompas & Parr Lumen Ramen Bar

The world's first glowing ramen bar – futuristic culinary innovation fused with contemporary culture. Lumen Ramen Bar

Culinary innovation in the age of Instagram

Atlanta, 2019: Bompas & Parr collaborated with Zoo-as-Zoo to create the world's first glowing ramen bar in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Lumen Ramen Bar opened as a pop-up on Edgewood Avenue, then moved to the Paris on Ponce design warehouse.

Three bespoke glowing recipes were the result of culinary innovation carefully balanced Vitamin B2 and quinine with fat and water – a development of the studio's earlier successes, including the creation of the world's first glowing gelatin dessert chamber, conceived for Moma in San Francisco.

Here, the aim of the collaboration was to ensure diners were exposed to something totally unique that captivated and challenged all of the senses – creating distinctive memories and an equally epic Instagram feed.