Bompas & Parr

Night of the Oneironaut

An after-dark launch event conceptualised to celebrate every aspect of sleep and the little-understood realm of dreams.
Night of the Oneironaut

Pulling back the covers of sleep

London, 2016: The mysteries and wonders of sleep, the subconscious and the world of dreams were laid bare for the grand opening of Citizen M's newest hotel in Tower Hill.

Guests roved between The Armoury of Sleep, a sleeping chamber full of gadgets aimed to enhance sleep; they lay down for Sound Baths with quartz crystal singing bowls; analysed their own sleeping positions; got a fix of bright light to help regulate melatonin production. They could also examine sleeping people up close; enter a room that purports to shrink them inside a mini-bar; and eat tasty snacks prepared using hotel ‘hacks’ –like in-room cheese toasties prepared with irons.

Photography by Kitty Wheeler Shaw, Montana Lowery and Ann Charlott Ommedal.

Poster artwork by Mark Titchner. Video by Nathan Ceddia.