Bompas & Parr

Spirit of the Desert

An experiential launch party, full of rich storytelling around the region where Godawan whisky is made.
Spirit of the Desert

Channeling the culture of Rajasthan

Dubai, 2022: Conceived and designed by Bompas & Parr,  Spirit of the Desert was a multi-sensorial launch event that showcased the unique character of Diageo India’s new artisanal Indian single malt. It sought to introduce guests to the spirit, traditions and cultures of its home in the Rajasthani desert.

With storytelling at the heart of this immersive experience, the studio conveyed the narrative of craftmanship, provenance and the Rajasthani ethos of ‘beauty in scarcity’, and paid homage to the spirit of the people and place that shape this distinct liquid.

Guests at the event followed in the footsteps of the emblematic and rare Godawan bird to discover the brand’s origins in this uniquely arid landscape.

The event featured a live handloom weaver and Rajasthani folk music, while guests could interact with a contemporary kinetic sand art installation and a captivating water sculpture which highlighted the essence of craft and the importance of water conservation.

At the Angels’ Share bar – named for the higher-than-average evaporation of the liquid as it matures in the heat of the desert – guests inhaled Godawan vapours alongside bespoke whisky cocktails.

Godawan sets a new benchmark for sustainable and conscious Indian luxury and is the embodiment of Diageo India’s commitment to the conservation of the Great Indian Bustard, its namesake. With only a few Great Indian Bustards left in the world, every bottle the company produces will contribute to the conservation of this exquisite bird. By bringing this unique story of Godawan to the deserts of Dubai, the aim was to set a new standard of accessible luxury by offering crafted Indian spirits at an international scale.