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The Institute of Primal Colour

A live, crowd-sourced scientific investigation designed to spread understanding of the importance of colour.
The Institute of Primal Colour

Exploring the psyche through colour

London, 2019: Colour lovers had reason to celebrate this spring as we launched a unique, immersive experiment with leading UK paint brand, Valspar, to discover why we favour certain colours.

Hosted in central London for two days only, guests to The Institute of Primal Colour were invited to use their senses (beyond sight) to explore individual relationships with colour. The right paint shade can inspire, alter your mood and affect your experiences. The experiment set out to discover why we love certain colours and unearth the perfect palette for each participant’s home.

Visitors were invited to take part in a series of secret, chromatic experiments. Curious colour-explorers learnt how to identify their perfect palette by taking part in genuine scientific experiments, curated with experimental psychologist Professor Charles Spence from Oxford University’s Crossmodal Research Laboratory.

To reward their contribution to science, guests were able to talk with globally respected Colour Specialist, Mark Wentworth, who used his expertise to decipher data gathered during the experiments and decode each participant’s personal colour spectrum, while guests sipped on a cocktail matched to their favourite hue.