Bompas & Parr

The Sensory Accumulator

A taste profiling and sensory ‘Taste Pod’ leveraged cross-modal science to enhance and augment the taste and mouth-feel of chocolate.
The Sensory Accumulator

Amplifying an appreciation of taste

London, 2016: The ‘Sensory Accumulator’ was created by Bompas & Parr to mark the launch of a new Thornton's store in Westfield Stratford. The pod took chocolate fans on a sensorial journey, heightening the senses and their appreciation of the taste of chocolate.

To help determine guests’ ideal chocolate-tasting experience we began by determining each visitors’ unique taste profile – we asked a number of questions and undertook taste-tests to understand their sensitivity to various flavours, as well as their flavour preferences. Once their ideal chocolate had been discovered, the guests donned headwear configured with EEG technology, monitoring the brain’s activity, with visuals displayed within the pod to amplify and complement their taste preferences.

Photography by Daniel Resende.