Bompas & Parr

The Single-Opticon

The world's first topographical whisky tasting transported guests from Taiwan to the Scottish Highlands, without leaving their seats.
The Single-Opticon

A journey into the terroir of the Scottish Highlands

Taipei, 2015: For The Singleton single malt Scotch whisky, Bompas & Parr created a unique whisky tasting experience which directly leveraged the landscape of the Scottish Highlands to help drinkers in Taiwan understand the spirit better.

The Single-Opticon: Diorama of Flavour, was based around a six-metre-long 3D map of Scotland, which came to life through a spectacular and atmospheric sound, smell and visual show.

Up to 20 guests at a time were taken on a 40-minute guided journey, where the geography and topography of Scotland helped tell the story of whisky, using the latest flavour science, projection mapping and airborne aromas.

At the heart of the experience were tastings of two whiskies, with bottles that emerged, Excalibur-like, from secret locations in the interactive table.

Specially curated canapés and a rare nosing of un-aged spirit straight from the still also helped drinkers understand the nuances of whisky making and the art of maturation.

Photography courtesy of The Singleton.